Collaboration is a key aspect of our research in all of our projects. We always seek new collaborations.

Please reach us if you are interested in collaborating with us. 

Many of our projects are highly interdisciplinary in nature. They are possible only through the joint effort of different researchers who provide essential input and expertise across various departments. We value the creative nature of these collaborations. Our key collaborators include:

  • Dr. Anil Rustgi
  • Dr. Angela Yoon
  • Dr. Matthen Mathew
  • Dr. Hiro Nakagawa
  • Dr. Chao Lu
  • Dr. Gloria Su
  • Dr. Gary Schwartz
  • Dr. Akiva Mintz
  • Dr. Alex Rai
  • Dr. Evanthia Lalla
  • Dr. Panos Papapanou
  • Dr. Robert Raffaniello¬†
  • Dr. Yi-Shing Lisa Cheng
  • Dr. Jeffrey Nickerson
  • Dr. Elizabeth Philipone
  • Dr. Peter Sims
  • Dr. Codruta Chiuzan
  • Dr. Alison Taylor