Scientists at the Momen-Heravi lab combine molecular biology methods, bioinformatic approaches, and translational research in their effort to understand underlying signaling events and tumor vulnerabilities to treat head and neck cancer and lung cancer as well as understand and target inflammatory cascades in periodontitis and diabetes. 

The lab consists of postdocs, graduate students, dental students, and residents.  We aim to be a resource to our colleagues and to train highly motivated students and post-docs to make impacts in science and patients’ life.

Fatemeh Momen-Heravi, DDS, PhD, MPH, MS
Principle Investigator

Kranthi Tanagala, PhD 
Postdoctoral Fellow

Sunil Dubey, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Xun Wu, MD, MS
Visiting Scholar

Mariam Zade 
Student Researcher

Nadia Mezghani
Student Researcher

Carleigh Canterbury, DDS
Pathology Resident 

Austin Shackelford, DDS
Pathology Resident 

Penny Agrafioti, DDS
Periodontics Resident
Graduate Student
(Co-mentor: Dr. Evanthia Lalla)

Caroline Aronin
Dental Student 

Yi-Chu Wu, DDS
Periodontics Resident

Lab Alumni

Pooja Patel, Undergraduate student

Abdulrahman Almubarak, DDS, MS, Graduate student

Maryam Zadeh, DDS, Dental student

Sultan Albashri, DDS, MS, Graduate student